Tips For Travelling During Corona

Tips for travelling during the pandemic with my own personal experience. | Werbung/Advert

The majority of people haven’t been on a holiday in over a year due to the pandemic. I hadn’t travelled in over a year (other than to see my family) and I finally got to have a weekend away. Here are tips for anyone thinking about travelling and also my personal experience travelling during corona.

Do not expect it to be the same

If you are expecting that travelling to a different country will be the same as it was before the pandemic, then you will be very dissappointed. There are many new rules and regulations depending where you are going including corona tests, temperature tests, wearing a mask, quarantine etc. Research the country you are going to and make sure you are prepared to follow all the rules of that country. Also note what the entry requirements are and be prepared to book corona tests in advance to avoid added stress. I booked my corona test in Valencia before I even went to ensure that I would have an appointment in time for my flight back.

Research beforehand

The rules can change very quickly, if you are travelling there is always a risk that the rules may change during your stay and you could have to quarantine when arriving back in your country, keep this in mind when booking and decide whether the risk is worth it. I reccommend to follow the numbers of covid cases in the country you are visiting, this way if the numbers are creeping up weeks before your holiday it may be an indication that they could be put back onto your country’s risk list.

Research what the country’s rules are before you go. Check if there is a night curfew, if restaurants and shops are open, what sights are open and so on. For some countries you have to fill out a form beforehand, make sure you check if you need to do this and have all documents prepared for when you arrive.

Also remember that you will need to wear a mask on the plane. I personally don’t mind this, as when I fall asleep with my mouth gaping open no one can see!

Stay open minded

I went to Valencia during the pandemic and knew that I would have to wear a mask everywhere (even outside) unless I was eating or drinking. If you accept the rules and stay open minded about it, you can still have a lovely time at your destination. Wearing a mask outside took a day to get used to, but otherwise it didn’t bother me at all!

Where to stay

I personally have found booking Air Bnb’s super simple during the pandemic, as many of them have a flexible cancellation where you can literally cancel up to a day before your trip. The other advantage of Air Bnb is that you can book an apartment which means you won’t be mingling with other people that have also travelled (for example at the breakfast buffet), reducing the risk of you getting infected. I take disinfectant wipes with me and wipe down all surfaces when arriving at an Air Bnb, even though I am sure they clean it well, it gives me a better feeling about staying there. That being said, I would also like to help the hotel industry and a lot of hotels also have flexible cancellation. I would suggest booking directly with the hotel rather than through a third party, as that way it is easier to get a refund if you do need to cancel.

The benefits

Of course travelling during the pandemic isn’t all disadvantages. The big advantage is that as less people are travelling you will probably have a lot of the tourist attractions to yourselves, which means no queues and a lot more space to enjoy the sights. In general hotels and other accomodation is cheaper at the moment so you can save money too.

My experience

Weeks coming up to the trip I found it stressful with the ever changing rules and not knowing if it would be possible to even go on the trip. Having my documents and corona test booked and prepared I found boarding and arriving went very smoothly and it was actually a lot easier than I had expected it to be. There were of course rules but I personally found the trip worth it and it was great being able to explore with barely any tourists and also finally getting to eat at a restaurant again!

If you have any questions or are thinking of travelling, leave me a comment below.

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