About me

Hi I’m Larissa and welcome to my blog! I’m in my twenties and I love travelling around the world. When I’m planning a trip, I love reading blogs about the hotel/area I’m staying and getting all the tips and tricks that I can find. If you’re like me, then give my blog a follow – I’ll be sharing my experiences and tips as I jetset around and will be sharing my secrets on how to visit luxury hotels and places affordably.

Ever look on Instagram and see those amazing photos with clear blue skies, glistening water on a sandy beach or five star hotels with private pools and all you can think is how can people afford that?! I’ll be sharing my secrets on how to get great deals on hotels and which seasons is best to travel where.

Food is also a big part of a trip for me – I loveย food and think it can really make or break a holiday. I love trying new foods and tradition cuisine from different countries. That being said, I am also vegetarian and have a nut allergy. I will be sharing tips and my experience in countries and letting you know how hard or easy it is to find vegetarian and nut free food.

You may have noticed at the beginning of my blog posts I write “Werbung/Advert”. There is a law in Germany that if I mention a certain place (hotel, restaurant, product etc) then I have to write “advert” at the top of the post. Even if I don’t get sponsored or paid, I am still required to write that it is an advert. I will only be writing honest reviews and if I do reccommend anything (paid or unpaid) it is because I believe in it and love it!

I hope you enjoy my blog just as much as I enjoy writing it!

All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.