5 Places to Eat in Valencia

My personal recommendations of where to eat in Valencia | Ad

When we stayed in Valencia, the restaurants closed quite early due to covid19 regulations and we generally found that a lot of places were full. I reccommend you reserve a table beforehand, I found the app “TheFork” very helpful and it was easy to reserve restaurants online (especially helpful if you don’t speak spanish). Here are my five recommendations of where to eat in Valencia.

Los Gomez Taberna

We found this restaurant on TheFork. It has a cute outdoor seating arrangement surrounded by plants and it is quite central. We had vegetarian paella and I would totally reccommend it! Lovely for lunch or dinner

Dandelion Bakery

Literally the cutest, most amazing bakery ever! They are so lovely, their cakes and pastries are amazing and they do a great oat milk cappucino. This is inbetween the beach and city centre so if you are cycling it is super easy to get to. They only have a small bench outside so be prepared to take your goods to go, there is a park just a 2 minute walk away though where you can enjoy your cake. I had an easter cupcake and it was the best cupcake I’ve ever had. I feel like a lot of cupcake places have amazing icing but the cupcake sponge itself is very boring, Dandelion Bakery’s cupcake however was so good I felt like the sponge was almost the best part of it! You should definitely try them out, I still think of that cupcake every so often…

The famous cupcake. I could look at this photo all day

Ca la Mar

This was just a short walk away from our Airbnb so it was very handy and it is quite close to the beach. We couldn’t reserve a table here, but we were lucky and just as we came, two people were leaving. They do lots of tapas and they were very kind and explained what dishes are vegetarian. The place has a great vibe and they offer sangria by the jug.

090 Zeronovanta Restobar

We found this place on TheFork. Very friendly waiters and I really enjoyed their tapas! They made me the traditional valencian cocktail (Agua de Valencia) and it was amazing.

Brunch Corner

If you’re needing an English breakfast to cure a hangover then Brunch Corner is your place to go. This isn’t a spanish place I know, but it’s still a nice place for a breakfast or brunch! As far as I know you can’t book and it gets very, very busy so I 100% reccommend you go as early as you can. We had our corona tests booked at 8am (in order to travel back to the Germany) and afterwards we went to have brunch and managed to get a seat, half an hour later all tables were full.

Here are a couple of other places too, just in case you need more options:

El Leon Tapas Bar – central and in a lovely courtyard filled with other restaurants

El Trompo Restaurante – right on the beach and they do a great vegetarian paella, not too expensive either

Blanquita Bar – right around the corner from the silk exchange, cheap and yummy tapas

Let me know in the comments below if you tried any of these restaurants/bakeries!

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