5 Places to Eat in Hamburg

My personal reccommendations of where to eat in Hamburg | Ad

Cafe Paris

Located steps away from the town hall, this is the perfect place for breakfast or brunch. Their breakfast has a wide range of options and I had the best french toast I have ever eaten! Sit outside and you have a side view of the town hall. I reccommend reserving in advance.

Froindlichst – The Vegan Musketeers

A cute vegan restaurant and cafe with outdoor seating. The vegan burgers and salad bowls were excellent and the staff were friendly. Perfect for any time of the day.


The cutest cafe with the yummiest cake. We sat outside to enjoy the sun but the indoor interior is very instagrammable and the cake and coffee makes it definitely worth a stop!

EM Breakfast Club

With lots of outdoor seating and a fun vibe, this place was perfect for breakfast in Summer. The breakfast options include sweet and savoury and are presented very well. I reccommend booking in advance as they fill up quite quickly.

Dolce Vino

I’ve saved the best till last, Dolce Vino has to be my favourite Italian that I have come across in Germany. With outdoor and indoor seating it is perfect for any time of the year. The waiters are very friendly and bring you a chalkboard with the specials. My favourite dish was the filled gnocchi with parmesan sauce that melts in your mouth. My second favourite was the truffle pasta dish. We went more than once and they even recognised us the second time, giving us a warm welcome back! 100% reccommend if you are in Hamburg.

Hamburg is bursting with independant restaurants and these are just a few that I got to try on my trip there.

Let me know if you have been to any in the comments below!

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