My Lookback on 2020

A lookback on 2020 and my travel highlights of the year..

I have been super quiet here on the blog for the entire year for a couple of reasons, the main one being that I barely travelled this year due to Covid-19. If you follow me on Instagram you will have still kept up with my day to day life. Although this year may not have been what anyone was expecting, we can still focus on the highlights of the year – so here are my travel highlights of 2020.

February 2020

In February I fell in love with Rome. The food, the 1€ espressos, the history and of course the lovely Air Bnb I stayed in.

I then had a quick trip to England to visit my best friend, right before Corona changed our lives for the rest of year.

April 2020

During our first lockdown I watched how the trees burst with blossom and I found beautiful parts of Munich that I hadn’t seen before during my daily walks.

July 2020

July was the first time in 2020 that I could fly back home to see my family, I had waited 7 months and it was the longest time I had been away from them. The airport was eerily quiet but it was the nicest feeling sitting on a plane again, watching the clouds go by. My week was spent going on walks, planting lavender, doing yoga and appreciating every second with my family.

August 2020

In August I flew to Hamburg, it was my first time exploring Germany since I moved here! It was over 30 degrees and everyday was spent exploring and eating.

September 2020

In September I flew back to England, I was lucky enough to spend my birthday with my family. For my birthday I went for a walk with llamas and cuddled rescue animals, it was the best birthday I have had.

Back in Munich, I visited Nürnberg for the first time.

And took a day trip to Schloss Neuschwanstein, the castle that inspired Walt Disney.

The rest of the year we returned back to lockdown and I spent my first Christmas in Germany, away from home.

It has been a very unusual time, but I have also had many amazing experiences and appreciate everything that I do have, so much more than before.

How has your year been? What are you grateful for?

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