Sri Lanta Resort Review

A hotel review for Sri Lanta Resort in Koh Lanta, Thailand. | Werbung/Advert

We stayed at the four star hotel Sri Lanta Resort in Koh Lanta, Thailand for about 5 nights and paid around 200€.

Sri Lanta Resort offer a lot of different rooms, we booked the room “The Myth” which had a bedroom, large bathroom with bath and a balcony. The hotel is divided up into smaller and bigger buildings and The Myth is set at the top of the hill. A caddy picked us up from reception and drove us and our baggage to our hotel room. The drive is a bit like you’re driving through the jungle which is nice. I read some reviews that people complained about having to always walk up to the top of the room but I never really found this a problem. It’s not that far.

The room was clean and presented well. The bathroom has no doors, instead there are just two arches leading into the bathroom. This wasn’t a problem for us and we got used to it quickly. It was actually strange when we travelled to our next hotel that had a door for the bathroom! The mosquito net around the bed looked really pretty, but when you opened them you had gaps in every corner. This resulted in a few mosquito bites throughout our stay.

We didn’t have breakfast included and on the first day we tried out the breakfast that the hotel offers. It wasn’t exciting and was a very normal standard hotel breakfast. I wouldn’t reccommend it. The days after we visited restaurants close by and ate breakfast there. We did however eat dinner at one of their restaurants (Sunset Del Mar) and found the food great and also the staff really welcoming and friendly.

Standard breakfast at Sri Lanta Resort

The hotel offers three pools and we usually had a pool to ourselves (the advantage of going in rain season). It was really quiet. The hotel also offers yoga classes. These cost about 15/20€ an hour which is quite a lot considering it’s Thailand, but I decided to try a class out. The class was early in the morning and it was only me and another girl. The instructor was amazing and it’s safe to say I have never sweat so much in a yoga class! The class is also open air, outside with the sea in view. A really beautiful place to do yoga.

We didn’t properly swim in the sea in Koh Lanta. At the beginning of our trip the weather was bad and when it did brighten up, the waves were too big and there appeared to be big rocks in the sea as well. Although looking at the photos on Sri Lanta Resort’s website there doesn’t appear to be any rocks around.

Can you see the rocks in the water?

We paid for a transfer from the airport to the hotel in a private car (we thought after 13 hours of flying we would want our privacy in our own car to the hotel) and the hotel also arranged for our transfer to our next hotel which was really organised and easy.

One part that was dissapointing is that I emailed the hotel a month before our holiday asking if they could do something special as it was my boyfriend’s birthday during our stay. They said they would deliver a cake in the morning of his birthday. Sadly nothing arrived on his birthday. Perhaps I should have asked them again once we had arrived but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise and we had already confirmed the plan per email.

To explore Koh Lanta properly I really reccommend hiring a moped. There are no footpaths anywhere so if you want to walk you have to walk along the road which isn’t very nice and also a bit dangerous with the traffic. There are tuc tuc taxis outside the hotel but they drive soooo slowly and it is also a lot cheaper just to hire a moped for the day.

Sri Lanta Resort is in a good location with lots of things available nearby with a moped. You aren’t too far away from Klong Chak – the hidden waterfall, the Tiger Cave Temple and Koh Lanta Old Town.

Tip: Go for dinner at the Diamond Cliff Restaurant – it’s a few minutes away from the hotel and you can watch the sunset whilst you eat dinner! It’s beautiful.

The view from our table

Due to the hotel’s jungle feeling, we also got the chance to see some monkeys! You can see them swinging around on the trees and if you are lucky they might come and sit on your balcony. One afternoon we were watching a film in bed and when we looked over we saw this monkey sitting there staring at us!


We loved staying at Sri Lanta Resort and found the hotel room luxurious and clean. The jungle feeling was amazing and the pools and activities the hotel has to offer are great. I would definitely reccommend this hotel!

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