The Hype Over Tonight Josephine

A review of Tonight Josephine in London, England. | Werbung/Advert

If you live around London or follow any Londoner instagrammers, you probably have heard (or at least seen photos of) Tonight Josephine, a bar tucked away by Waterloo station.

Tonight Josephine is an Instagrammers paradise, pink lights, a flower ceiling and cool cocktails! So is it worth the visit?

A friend and I got there about two hours after it had opened (around 7pm) on a Thursday and it was completely full, we couldn’t even get in. The next day we called up earlier and they put us on the guest list. This time we got there a bit earlier (around half 5/6) and got in with no problem.

I think there is so much hype about this bar because 1. you can take sooo many photos in there, 2. they have really hot guys serving you behind the bar and 3. other than the barmen, there’s pretty much no men in the bar.

I’ve seen newer photos and they’ve redone the floor which looks a lot cleaner!

It’s the perfect girly evening out, no men annoying you, everyone is offering to take photos of eachother (even if they don’t know eachother) and there is a vibe of girl power everywhere.

So a trip to Tonight Josephine is definitely worth it, and here’s a little secret: sign up to their mailing list on their website and you get a free cocktail!

Have you ever been to Tonight Josephine?

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