Is Venice Worth a Visit?

My experience in visiting Venice. | Werbung/Advert.

I’ve been to Venice twice. The first time in June, where it was so hot we saw people faint, and the second time in October, where it rained so heavily some of the surrounding towns were flooded. Both times Venice was magical (although I have to admit, I prefer Summer!).

I have to say I’m not actually much of a fan of Italy, I just generally find the standards of hotels in Italy aren’t great and although it’s great for camping, I’m not much of a camper!

Venice however is different, I could spend days just walking around and soaking in all the architecture and the winding alleyways. I love islands where there are no cars, just footpaths everywhere.

The first time I went there we got to the harbour and went the wrong way. We turned right instead of left. It was the best mistake that happened. We walked away from the famous Piazzo San Marco and ended up in an area that had no tourists at all. We walked around, had our peace and eventually dived into where all the tourists were too.

Venice is famous for it’s gondeliers, however they are very expensive. For me it was enough to just look at them and take photos of them. Venice in general is very expensive. You have to pay to use the public toilets and if you want to eat something, make sure you try and find a restaurant far away from the main touristic attractions (this is a general tip for anywhere you go).

Venice also has surrounding islands which are easy to get to by boat. I visited Burano Island which has the most beautiful coloured houses. As it was raining so bad, parts of the island were flooded and you couldn’t get by.

Note that the floor is completely flooded here!

From May 2019 you will also have to 3€ to visit Venice. This will probably double or triple in the year after so if you want to visit Venice then I suggest you do it soon!

Both times I only visited Venice on day trips and stayed outside of Venice, so I can’t comment on how the hotels are in Venice. To stay for a few days in Venice would be a (very expensive) dream though!

Could you imagine living here?

So in answer to the question, yes Venice is definitely worth a visit. Even just for a day. We don’t know how long Venice will stand in the water for and it’s really one of a kind – a must see.

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