P.p Blue Sky Resort Hotel Review

A hotel review for p.p Blue Sky Resort in Phi Phi Islands. | Werbung/Advert

We stayed in Phi Phi Island for about 5 nights and stayed at p.p Blue Sky Resort. A very basic hotel (only two stars) but with the best reviews and a good price.

Instead of a normal hotel p.p offers seperate little bungalows for each guest. We took one of the beach front bungalows as I had heard such good reviews about them. We paid about €330 for the five nights (the beach front bungalows are the most expensive).

The room is very large and although it looks very basic with it’s white and blue theme, it was super clean and welcoming. The bathroom is a little bit on the old side and the shower smells a bit when you turn the water on but it didn’t bother us at all.

Outside you get a little patio area with two loungers and a table which is perfect for relaxing with a book or having some food. The beach is just a few steps away infront of you which makes it easy to dip into the sea every so often. There are also loungers on the beach and most of the time we had the beach to ourselves!

The view from the room

We had breakfast included in the price which consists of a buffet of fruit, bread and spreads and then you can decide if you want pancakes, a sandwich or eggs as well. The breakfast is simple but delicious and you can eat overlooking the beach and sea which is a nice way to start the day.

P.p also offers snorkelling (which I reccommend) and other tours for a reasonable price, we went snorkelling and although there are snorkel tours in town, in p.p you get a private tour. Just you and your tourguide in a longtail boat. You also get a free ride back to the pier with one of their longtail boats when you leave. You are about 10 – 15 minutes on foot away from the “centre” where there are restaurants and shops. The walk is a footpath going through the woods and along the beaches which is really nice. Some areas are a bit steep so watch out if it rains as it can get slippy.

We walked into “town” everyday to get dinner and although there are a lot of restaurants in the main area, we were happy to have our little bungalow away from the tourists on our peaceful beach. We did find that the town was very touristic and it was a shame that we had to eat there everyday as there was nowhere else close by.

Phi phi Island was my favourite Island because of it’s soft, sandy beaches and glistening blue water. If you do the snorkelling trip then you will also discover beaches where the sand is even softer!

One thing that did bother me was every night I got attacked by mosquitos. We never left the door open and there was a mosquito net on the bathroom window so I don’t know how they got in but I had so many mosquito bites by the end of our stay. My boyfriend however barely got any, so maybe it was just me!

If you do go don’t forget to feed the little cats that run around the hotel. I befriended one little kitten who would come and wait outside the door for me (and the food). Cat food is sold in little bags in supermarkets in the town area incase you want to treat them too!

Those bumps were some of my mosquito bites!


A basic hotel that has one of the quietest beaches in Phi Phi, a perfect stay if you want your peace. There isn’t a swimming pool, however I didn’t miss it at all because the sea is on your doorstep. If you do go for it I reccommend the beach front bungalow as you are closer to breakfast, the beach and a few steps closer to town.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions about P.p Blue Sky Resort!

6 thoughts on “P.p Blue Sky Resort Hotel Review

  1. The hotel and your experience in general sounds nice, we stayed in a party hostel in Koh Phi Phi which was really annoying and looking back, my Phi Phi experience was definitely not the best, even though the island is one of the prettiest!
    I’d love to go back now and check out your hotel 😀
    Have a good week,


  2. Hello Larissa. Thanks for your review! We will be in the same hotel in a months.
    I’d like to know something about the tours.
    How much was for 1 day for two people? What place did you visit?
    Thank you in advance for your answer


    1. Hi Barbara! Thanks for reading my post, that’s so exciting that you’re visiting! I’m sure you will love it!

      I can’t remember how much the snorkelling cost, you could pick how long you wanted to do the tour and we picked the shortest tour (i think four hours) and that was the perfect amount of time. The woman who owns the hotel shows you on a map where you will go (some places were Maya Bay, Monkey Beach). We also brought our own snorkelling gear with us so i can’t say if you can borrow some there or not (i assume you can).
      As I said in my post it is a private tour so you get to decide how long you stay in one place. I reccommend going as early as possible so there are less boats around and don’t forget to reapply sun cream!

      Have an amazing time,
      Larissa x


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