The Slate Hotel Review

A hotel review of The Slate in Phuket, Thailand. | Werbung/Advert.

For our last two nights in Thailand we stayed at The Slate in Phuket. The hotel is only a 15 minute drive away from Phuket airport so it’s really handy if you are flying.

The Slate is a five star hotel and is known for it’s interesting architecture. When you arrive you are greeted with drinks and the women get a lotus flower to show they are respected by the staff.

We booked the D-Buk Family Suite for two nights and managed to get a great deal – we paid 200€ for two nights (no breakfast included). It was definitely the most expensive hotel from our trip but it was worth having the two nights at the Slate to relax before we flew back home.

The room was very spacious with a large bed, desk, extra sofa/bed to watch TV from, a bathtub, walk in wardrobe and bathroom. There was fruit in the room when we arrived and everyday we got water in cute little bottles.

Our room

Mid morning the maid would come to clean our room and at about 6pm one of the staff would come in to redo our bed ready for sleeping, close the curtains and light candles (with a scent to repel mosquitos).

The bathtub and sofa

There are three pools at the Slate: one is for adults only, one for the whole family and the third was closed for renovation so we didn’t get to see it. They were quite busy considering it was rain season (in our other hotels we had the pool or beach all to ourselves) but we always had enough space. The staff come every so often with cold towels (that smell amazing) and free ice lollies to help you cool down which I found a nice touch.

The family pool
The adults only pool

The Slate offers various bars and restaurants, all the bars have happy hour at different times so I reccommend you visit one in happy hour as drinks and food at the Slate are expensive (really expensive considering you are in Thailand).

We tried out one of the restaurants on our last night called the Black Ginger. I’ll write an extra post about this restaurant!

The only downside with the Slate is that there is not much to see outside of it. We were happy to only be staying two nights as we didn’t actually see any of Phuket. We did venture out to try and find some breakfast but there was nothing close by in walking distance. In the end we went back to the hotel and ordered breakfast there.

The breakfast costs about 20€ per person (again, very expensive for Thailand) but it was amazing. Honestly it was the best breakfast I’ve ever had. If you do book the hotel, book the breakfast straight away with it as you probably get it cheaper.

They offered everything at breakfast: muesli, superfoods (goji berries, seeds), waffles, pastries, eggs (they make it infront of you and ask how you want it), full english breakfast, Thai specialites (noodle soups, curry), the best coconut yoghurt I’ve ever tasted, fresh fruit, bread, coffee, tea (from TWG – an expensive brand) and fruit juices.

The only photos I took as I was too busy eating

I ate breakfast three times that morning and was so excited about going back the next day. They were the best twenty euros I’ve ever spent on food!

The Slate also offer a gym, which was very nice. New machines and a lovely studio with big glass windows overlooking lots of green plants (it gives it a nice jungle feeling). They also offer free classes, I did a pilates class outside one morning (the class was about half an hour) and although it was nice to do sport outside, the pilates itself was a bit basic and there wasn’t much flow between the exercises (I could also just be being very picky as I am also a pilates instructor!).

We were a little dissappointed as we had a late evening flight and had read reviews that if you ask a day in advance it isn’t a problem having a late check out. We asked the day before and they said they couldn’t offer a late check out but another room which we would then have had to pay for (to stay in only for a few hours). I can understand if the hotel is completely booked up but as it was rain season and you could tell that the hotel wasn’t very busy we found it wasn’t much of a five star service and they could have at least let us stay in the room an extra hour.


The Slate offers nice little touches everywhere to make you feel relaxed and well looked after. The room itself has architectural highlights and the hotel itself is a joy to walk around and take in all the artwork. If you do want to see actual Phuket and the Thai culture then this hotel is not for you. A two night stay is perfect to relax before flying back but I also found that being inside the hotel it’s like being in your own little bubble. The breakfast is amazing so its worth staying there even for one night to try out the breakfast!

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2 thoughts on “The Slate Hotel Review

    1. There’s a beach just behind the hotel. It didn’t look that idyllic and in the three days we were there we only walked past it. Bangla road is an hour away, as i said in the post there really isn’t much around the slate. It’s great as a stop before the airport but not good if you want to explore Phuket.
      Larissa x


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