Tips when visiting Thailand

Travel tips what to take with you and what to do in Thailand. | Werbung/advert

Here are some simple, easy tips to remember if it’s your first time visiting Thailand!

Take Enough Sun Cream

Yes Thailand is cheap when it comes to food and, well basically everything else but one thing that is definitely not cheap is sun cream and after sun lotion. The sun in Thailand is very strong so be prepared to lather yourself in sun cream everyday. As they only sell sun cream to tourists, it’s mega expensive. I saw sun cream being sold for about 18€ for a 300ml bottle!

Reapply Sun Cream When Going Snorkelling

One day we saw our “neighbours” arrive home and both of their backs were bright red. I was thinking wow such amateurs they didn’t put enough sun cream on. The next day we went snorkelling and even though I put a lot of sun cream on in the morning and reapplied it to my face as the day went on, I didn’t reapply it to my back. By the end of the day my boyfriend and I looked just like my neighbours!! It makes sense why though – you spend about four hours in the sea, your back is slightly under water and exposed to the sun the whole time. Don’t make the same mistake we did.


Wear proper shoes if going hiking

We did a hike through the forest to find a hidden waterfall in Koh Lanta and let me tell you how glad I was that I had my trainers on. There was no path and we didn’t even know if we were going the right way, its so bumpy in the forest and there are ant nests and other insects everywhere. Also I wouldn’t bring your most beloved pair of shoes – I threw my trainers away at the end of the two weeks.

Get your Rabies Vaccination

I got mine before we went but my boyfriend didn’t. Nothing happened but he regretted not having it done because he didn’t want to go near any animal – which is hard when there are so many cats and monkeys running around!

Take Allergy Tablets with You

If like me you are sensitive to mosquito bites, you may want to take allergy tablets with you. I reacted very badly to the mosquito bites and thought I had packed my allergy tablets when in fact I didn’t. Biggest mistake ever! You could also be allergic to something else so they are always handy to take with you.

Visit Thailand in Rain Season

If you want luxury hotels but have a budget then I suggest you visit Thailand in rain season! The prices drop and you can still enjoy yourself. See my post about the rain season here.

Use Tripadvisor to find places to eat

So so handy (not just in Thailand, I mean everywhere) if you have no clue where to eat!

The best breakfast in Koh Lanta at “Tuesday Morning” Cafe

Take Clothes to Cover Yourself Aswell

Incase you want to visit the temples then it is required for you to cover your legs and shoulders. Take a light scarf or clothes that cover these areas – they will also come in handy in case you get sunburnt!

Wash Your Clothes in Thailand

If you are travelling light, there are a lot of places that will wash your clothes which is also pretty cheap. Instead of picking the first place you see, take a walk around and see which place is cheapest. All of their prices are outside and a lot of them do vary!


Any questions about Thailand? Leave me a comment below!


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