Where to Stay in Ibiza

Staying in Ibiza Town on a budget and a review of Apartamentos Playa Sol I. | Werbung/Advert

Going to Ibiza is becoming a girly weekend tradition. Last year I stayed at Apartamentos Playa Sol I in Ibiza Town and although it is a 1 star hotel (!!!) I will tell you why I would still reccommend it!

So one thing you should know about me – I don’t like camping or living in unhygenic hotels or hostels. When it comes to this I am a bit of a snob. However, if the hotel is clean, I don’t have to eat anything from there and it’s just for a few days i can totally live with it being 1 Star. I didn’t actually realise it was a 1 star hotel until just now when I googled the name of it!

With Ibiza being as popular as it is, it is very hard to find somewhere that’s good and affordable and also central enough. Two years ago we stayed in an amazing apartment which was awesome, but it was outside of Ibiza Town and the money we did save we probably just spent anyway on taxis everyday.

Let’s get back to the hotel. Apartamentos Playa Sol I is located in Ibiza Town. This means it’s super central to shops and restaurants, clubs, and also Hard Rock Hotel which has really cool parties and concerts. The really big clubs are kind of in the middle of nowhere – so be prepared to get taxis/buses to them wherever you are staying!

The hotel itself is fine, they are actually “apartments” which means it comes with a tiny kitchen – a fridge, glasses, plates, cutlery and a microwave. No breakfast included but we just bought stuff from the supermarket to eat for breakfast. We shared rooms in three’s and paid about €150 each for Thursday to Sunday.

The pool next door

Now here comes the good part – the hotel itself does have a pool which is very empty and ok to do some laps in BUTTTTT this hotel is partnered with another hotel which is literally just across the road.

The hotel it’s partnered with is called “Aparthotel Playasol Jabeque Soul Sup” and you are allowed to use its pools. It is soooo nice there. My blog photo that is on my homepage is actually taken from that hotel. They have beds overlooking the sea with floaty white curtains (an instagrammer’s dream) and loads of loungers and two pools to relax at. They also do pool parties once or twice a week.

Sitting in the baby pool with my inflatable swan

So you basically pay very little for the other hotel (you’ll only be sleeping there anyway) and then you get to use the pools next door!

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