Visiting Thailand in Rain Season

My own experience and advice on visiting Thailand in the rain season. | Werbung/Advert

Visiting Thailand in rain season has some big advantages – less tourists, quieter beaches, cheaper flights and cheaper hotels, but is it worth visiting during this time?

The rain season is between the middle of May to the middle of October.

I visited Thailand last year in September in the rain season. I visited three Islands: Koh Lanta, Phi Phi Island and Phuket. I did my research and after hearing that usually in the rain season it only rains for about an hour or two a day and then stops, I was quite confident I would still be able to tan on the beach in over 30 degree heat!

The first day we arrived it was indeed raining, we didn’t mind too much as we still had to travel from Krabi Airport to Koh Lanta, and by the time we arrived at the hotel we had been travelling for about 15 hours. It was cloudy and rainy and our taxi driver told us the weather should be staying like this for the next week.

The next day when we woke up it was still rainy and cloudy, I remember we started to worry at breakfast thinking “what have we done, we are here for the next two weeks and if it rains everyday, what are we going to do!”

We actually had a bit of bad luck – across the sea there was the super typhoon Mangkhut which was also why we were having bad weather.

The next two days we were able to sit by the pool for a few hours, and the sun occasionally came out of the clouds. We booked a Thai cooking class (highly reccommend!) so we had something to do whilst it rained.

Still a bit cloudy but here the weather was already improving

By the third day we woke up to blue skies and the weather was finally getting better. From that day on for the next two weeks the weather was actually great. Just as I had researched, at around 4pm it rained for an hour, and then the sun came out again.

I think we only had a bit of bad luck at the beginning because of the Typhoon that was close by, otherwise visiting in rain season was honestly worth it. We paid about 300€ for each hotel for 5 nights and our flights were also cheaper. In our first hotel (which I will be doing a seperate post on) we often had the pool to ourselves as there weren’t many hotel guests at all.

Blue skies and over 30 degrees

The temperature was about 30 to 33 degrees and it was perfect for sunbathing! Also a little tip if you do go in the rain season – there is a hidden waterfall in Koh Lanta (first photo on this post) that only exists in rain season! If you’re worried about visiting in rain season I would say book it. Even if you do get a couple days of rain or cloud you can always visit a temple or book a cooking class.

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