My Lookback on 2021

It’s crazy how another year has flown by and here we are in 2022. I had a lot of trips planned and cancelled in 2021 (I booked Paris three times before I could actually go!), but I also had a lot of trips that went ahead. I visited new cities and new countries and had a great summer where I was away every single weekend for 5 weeks in a row. Here’s my lookback on 2021.

April 2021

We had a very long, quite depressing lockdown from November 2020 that lasted all the way to May 2021. The weather was miserable, everything was closed and the highlight of the weekends were walks. In April, other countries started to open up again and we decided to travel to Valencia, Spain. I was actually very nervous about going on this trip, as the rules seemed to change daily and I was worried we would either get stuck in Spain or stuck in quarantine in Germany. Luckily everything went smoothly and it was a lovely, long weekend away.

June 2021

In June we took a little longer than a week off to go to another new place, Sicily. I spent my days relaxing by the pool, eating copious amounts of arancini and exploring nearby towns.

August 2021

The beginning of August we took a long weekend trip with the train to Vienna, Austria. We stayed in a gorgeous flat with high ceilings, chandeliers and double doors. I fell in love with this beautiful city and will definitely be going back again.

A few days after this trip, I flew back to England to visit family.

After returning back to Munich for a few days, we drove to Venice. I’ve been to Venice twice before but have never actually stayed over night. It was lovely experiencing Venice in the evening after all the tourists had left.

September 2021

We flew to Paris for my 28th birthday, it was my first time in Paris and it’s somewhere I have always wanted to go. We stayed in a flat on the sixth floor with no elevator (something very common in Paris), and although it was a climb everyday the views were stunning.

October 2021

At the beginning of October we flew to Thessaloniki, Greece and stayed in a cute bungalow outside of the city on a cliff, overlooking the sea.

At the end of October we got the train to Strasbourg, France. We stayed in a small flat right in the centre and had the best view of the cathedral.

November 2021

In November we flew to England. We stayed a night in London and then drove up to Norwich to visit family. Seeing London with all its Christmas lights was something I hadn’t seen in a very long time, I forgot how magical it is.

December 2021

In December I flew back to England for Christmas, I didn’t get to go in 2020, so it was extra special.

And that is my 2021 lookback on travel! I saw a lot of new places and I am so grateful that so many of these trips went ahead with no covid problems, I’m now ready to continue exploring in 2022.

Did you manage to travel in 2021?

4 thoughts on “My Lookback on 2021

  1. Ah, you fit some amazing trips into the year! I stayed in the UK in ’21 but have cautiously booked trips abroad for Summer of ’22. I really feel like this is the year that travel will bounce back! Lovely blog, glad to have found you.

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