4 of the Best Airbnb Views

A list of Airbnbs with a perfect view. | Ad/Werbung

Over the past few weeks my Instagram (don’t follow me? click here!) has blown up with questions on where I’ve been staying. So I’ve decided to round up all the links into one blog post, making it easier for you to find that dreamy Airbnb you’ve been looking for!


This beautiful Airbnb sits right on the canal and is in walking distance to Realto Bridge and other attractions. There is a door leading out onto a platform to the canal, however it is blocked off by a small glass barrier. We were unsure if we were allowed out onto the platform but we popped out to have some wine and it was such a gorgeous afternoon drinking wine and watching the boats bob by, I think we were also an attraction to everyone passing by! It has a seperate bedroom with a double bed and a lounge with a sofa. You can find the link here

Tip: Being so close to the canal does mean there are mosquitos, make sure you close your windows in the evening! There is aircon if it gets too hot.


This Airbnb has the parisien view that everyone is looking for. Situated in the 9th district, overlooking the Opera, the flat is on the sixth floor (with no elevator), but the views are worth the hike up the stairs everyday! It has one double bed and is a studio flat, so best to book either alone or as a couple. There are two small balconies for you to enjoy the view. Find it here

Tip: It gets super hot in Summer and there isn’t air con, so it’s best to come in Autumn/Winter/Spring when the temperature is a bit lower.

Thessaloniki/Agia Triada

This set of bungalows sits ontop of a cliff overlooking the sea. Get a bungalow with a seaview and sit on your own patio with some wine enjoying the sunset. The Airbnb has it’s own private beach and pool, and the host goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome. George is one of the best hosts I have come across! They have bungalows with various sizes so groups, couples or going alone is possible. You can find it here and they even have an instagram account.

Tip: Rent a car to get around to the nearest towns and Thessaloniki


This Airbnb has probably the best view I have ever seen. I LOVE people watching and oh my god you can people watch all day here! It is so central in Strasbourg and you have a view of the cathedral. This is also a studio flat with one double bed so it is best alone or as a couple. Check it out here

Tip: This would be a perfect trip right before Christmas to see the Christmas markets!

What view is your favourite?

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