5 Tips to Save Money to Travel in 2020

5 tips to help you save up for your holiday in 2020. | Werbung/Advert

Travel is an amazing experience, whether it’s just for a one week holiday, or for several months travelling around the world, it can help you relax, find your boundaries, bond with your travel partner or become more independant when travelling alone. It opens your eyes and lets you see the world in a different way. The only trouble is, is that it costs money. Here are five tips to help you save for that dream holiday you deserve.

Tip 1. Prioritize

This might sound really obvious but take a minute to think about what your priorities are. What is more important to you this year? Is it buying a car, buying a house, or taking time out to travel. If your priority is to travel it means that you want to be saving money for travelling, and not all three top things you want to do. Pick a destination, save up for it, and once you get back you can start saving for your next priority.

Tip 2. Book a holiday when it isn’t peak season

If you have no children and a job that allows you to take holiday when you want, then you can save some serious money by booking a holiday that isn’t in peak season, I don’t mean to book a beach holiday to Spain when it is Winter and you can’t sunbathe, but if you book just before high season (eg. in May or June) or just after the summer holidays (September), you can save a lot of money. Check out my post about flying to Thailand in rain season, we paid about 200€ (in total) for a week in a hotel in September, whereas the prices for January (which is high season) are over 500€! Another destination would be Abu Dhabi during Ramadan, it is a lot cheaper and very quiet (you can find my post about it here).

Tip 3. Make compromises

Make a list of what is important to you on a holiday and what isn’t. This way you can save on some things and splurge on others. For example if you can’t stay in anything lower than a 5 star hotel, then compare flight prices to try and get the cheapest flight, or save on a taxi from the airport and take the bus instead. We saved about 150€ by taking the bus to see the great wall of China, instead of getting a private car (see my post here).

Tip 4. Think about where you are going to eat

If you are staying in a hotel where breakfast or dinner isn’t included, your holiday is generally going to be expensive having to eat out twice a day. I would check that at least breakfast is included in the price. Another option would be to choose a self catering flat, this way you can buy food from the supermarket and cook on some days rather than eating out everyday.

Tip 5. Work more to save more

This sounds very obvious, but if you start working overtime or get a second job, then your travel goal will be fulfilled in no time. When I have a holiday coming up I usually teach more fitness classes or stay longer at work to earn a bit more money. No work, no play! Work hard to get the holiday that you deserve.

Those are my five tips to help you save for your travels! Let me know what you think, and if you have any tips you want to share then feel free to comment below. I usually always go over my budget when I’m on holiday, so make sure that you have enough money to plan your holiday well and that you have no stress about money whilst on holiday.

Good luck!

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