An Alternative to Oktoberfest

Germany is known for it’s love of beer and the biggest beer festival is Oktoberfest which takes place in September. If you happen to be in Munich in the Springtime then make sure you visit Nockherberg – Munich’s Starkbierfest (strong beer festival). The beer is stronger and it’s a smaller festival that isn’t as overcrowded as Oktoberfest.

Nockherberg is known for it’s strong beer. Normal beers have about 5% alcohol in them, strong beer has 7.5%. I don’t like beer and Oktoberfest is the only time I drink radler (beer mixed with lemonade). This year I tried strong beer and I prefer the taste to normal beer! It is actually a bit sweeter than normal beer.

Nockherberg is a lot smaller than Oktoberfest, it only consists of a beer garden outside (with a couple of stalls for crepes and other food) and inside live music with the traditional beer benches and tables. Prices are pretty much the same as Oktoberfest (about 11 euros for a litre of beer) and you also have to pay entry to get in. The entry is about 13€ per person which we thought was alot, but you get a chip with your entry which gives you one free drink. So really it’s 2€ entry and your first drink.

Any excuse to wear my dirndl!

The Advantage

If you want to visit Munich and get the real bavarian experience but avoid the high hotel and flight costs that you get at Oktoberfest, then Nockherberg is the perfect time to come. This year it was from the 15th of March to the 7th of April. The whole event is a lot smaller than Oktoberfest but you still get the same vibe as sitting in a beer tent in Oktoberfest. People either wear their Dirndl or Lederhosen or they come in casual clothes.

It’s a fun day out and also a good activity if you are with a big group of people. Flights and hotel prices go up so high around Oktoberfest that this is the perfect alternative as it isn’t known worldwide.

Thinking about going to Oktoberfest or Nockherberg? Leave me a comment below!

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