A Holiday With holidayheroes Deutschland

Sponsored Post – an honest review of holidayheroes Deutschland GmbH

There have been times where I sit at work or at home and crave a good holiday. I daydream about getting away from the constant rain (spring has not sprung in Munich yet) or I long to discover a new city or country. As we all know, I absolutely love to travel, but sometimes it is hard to actually pick where to go. I know what kind of holiday I want, when I want it, but I don’t know exactly where. This is where holidayheroes comes in. 

holidayheroes is a new German booking platform that allows you to not have to search directly for a destination. You can tell them what kind of holiday you are looking for (sunshine, discover new beaches, family holiday, romantic getaway, city trip etc.) and they will suggest destinations to you. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, holidayheroes will give you inspiration. 

I used their website and picked a holiday myself, and this is how it went.

Picking a Holiday

I knew I wanted sunshine, seeing as Munich has been non stop rain for the past couple of months. After putting my time frame in (you can also leave this blank if you don’t know when you want to go) I see a lot of different hotels load. I scroll for a minute or two, see hotels in Cyprus, Greece, Mallorca, Dubai, and then I find the perfect hotel. A boutique hotel with a rooftop infinity pool overlooking the sea. 

Tip: If you are a little less decisive than I am, you can also save hotels you like and then narrow it down in your saved list. 

The next part was deciding which day to fly and when the flights are, their price calendar is a nice touch and it makes it a lot easier to see what day is cheapest to fly.

Booking the Holiday

In general it was quite easy to book this holiday, I did it straight from my phone and their website guided me effortlessly through the process. It was refreshing to have a straight forward checkout page with no pop ups or anything to try and make you buy add ons. Luggage, seat reservation and payment was all on one page making it easy to see the overview and summary of your holiday.

Once I had paid I got a phone call from their customer service team to confirm my booking, as well as a confirmation email with my booking number. As they are a startup, you can tell that they appreciate any feedback so that they can optimise their website.

I am now currently sitting on my hotel bed in Greece with my laptop writing this, enjoying the sea view from my hotel room and greatly appreciating that holidayheroes suggested Crete when I searched for a beach holiday. I have never been to Crete before and I am blown away with it’s beauty. The hotel looks exactly like it does in the photos on their website, the infinity pool is even more stunning in real and their discover Crete page that I read before I left gave me some ideas on what to do and see here.

Travel Day

I checked in to the flight directly from the airline’s website, I had all the info I needed in my original booking confirmation email (including airline reference number, flight number etc).

It would have been nice to get an extra email with these infos again closer to the time of departure, maybe even reminding me that I have to check in, but otherwise it went very smoothly.

Checking into the hotel was also a breeze. We arrived in the evening and they had our hotel cards ready and waiting at reception. I filled in a standard form and we were good to go!


Overall I would totally recommend booking with holidayheroes. Check out their website and see what destination you get when you search for a certain theme, maybe you will find somewhere that you also have never been to! They are currently flying from Munich and Berlin, if you don’t live near one of these cities then don’t worry, they will be adding more cities soon.

They also gave me a voucher to give my readers as a gift, use the code: LARISSA50 to get money off your next trip. It is valid until the end of April 2023 and there is no minimum spend for this voucher! Treat yourself like I did and enjoy a cocktail or two in the sun.


If you are intrigued to see what I get up to in Greece then follow me on Instagram, I post there daily:

Do you have any questions? Drop me a comment below. 

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