Abu Dhabi Lookbook


Abu Dhabi can get extremely hot with temperatures way over 40 degrees during the summer months. I visited in May and it was about 36 degrees. Light, floaty clothes are the best way to stay cool. It is also respectful in Abu Dhabi to not show too much skin. Here’s my lookbook to give you a few ideas!

I took a lot of jumpsuits on this trip with me. Jumpsuits are floaty and you are well covered. We did see tourists walking around in public with hotpants on, but I felt a lot more comfortable wearing longer trousers or skirts.

Jumpsuit from H&M
Jumpsuit from Primark
Jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters, scarf from Primark

This little cover up I got from Primark, perfect for going to the beach in and I love the tassles!

Cover up from Primark, shoes are Birkenstock

This skirt I absolutely love and take it with me on every beach holiday. It’s long, a bit transparent and has slits down both sides.

Perfect for petite girls – I am 5 ft 1 and the skirt is the perfect length!
Skirt from Shein

I found the cutest trousers in TK Maxx that were perfect for the desert.

Trousers from TK maxx, top from H&M

I brought a couple of dresses to wear too, we always ate dinner in the hotel and they are a bit more relaxed about what you wear. I always had a little scarf around my shoulders though – the air con can make it cold!

Dress from Shein
Dress from Zara, it is actually a midi dress with a small slit at the back. Bag from Topshop


  • Bring a few light scarves with you to wrap around your shoulders , they are a good cover up and the air con can make it cold!
  • If you are visiting the Sheikh Zayed Mosque you can borrow an Abbaya there for free to cover yourself.
  • If you are a man make sure you are wearing long trousers and no vests if you want to visit Emirates Palace (not sure if this is just during Ramadan or all year round).
  • Wearing open shoes/sandals is no problem
  • Floaty trousers are the comfiest to wear!!

Let me know what you think about my first lookbook in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi Lookbook

    1. I have never been to deserts or to gulf countries. It is always good to know the local culture , traditions and other rules to have stress free vacations and avoid last minute rush. Thanks for sharing.


  1. Thanks for the advice on the right clothes to wear on a trip to Abu Dhabi. It can be so hard to pack for vacations. Especially considering the local customs, it would not be fun to arrive and realize you couldn’t go sightseeing because you didn’t have the right clothing. Thanks, Candice @littlestepsbighappy.com


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