The Best Budget Underwater Camera

A review of the Campak Camera Act76 with photos and videos from Thailand, Phi Phi Islands. | Werbung durch verlinkung/advert

When my Thailand holiday was coming up and we were planning the activities that were available, snorkelling came up. I knew it would be so cool to take underwater photos and videos but didn’t feel like forking out 450€ for a GoPro.


That’s when I came across this little bargain!

Its the Campark Act76. An underwater camera and the best part is it has it’s own wifi! So you can take a video and upload it straight to your phone. You don’t need any other wifi as the camera magically has it’s own (don’t ask me how, let’s just call it magic ok?). The only thing you do need to do as you set it up is install an app on your phone, so make sure you have enough space.

It only costs 63€ and comes with soooo many accessories. We actually only held it whilst swimming and snorkelling but you can also attach it to a helmet, belt, wrist and bicycle! It also has a remote control incase you want to put it somewhere and then take a photo or video of yourself.

You can charge it with a normal USB cable (that is also included) and we found the battery lasted a long time (1 or 2 days when we were snorkelling a few hours a day).

The only thing you do need is an SD card, if you don’t have one then I just got a normal micro SD card that you can find here.


As you may have guessed, you can also take normal photos and videos with this camera.

I can’t actually think of any negatives with this camera. As it was so cheap I really wasn’t expecting much – but it was so easy to use and set up that I would highly reccommend it. It’s perfect if you just want a camera for your holiday and don’t want to spend hundreds of euros for a GoPro.

Have any questions? Write a comment below!

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