The One Party you Have to Visit in Ibiza

A review of Ocean Beach Ibiza for the perfect day party. | Werbung/advert

This may sound funny as I love Ibiza and keep going on about it, but I’m not actually much of a party person. I do like parties but I find clubs tiresome and would rather be home in bed by 12 with some comfy pyjamas and a cup of tea. I am a granny.

However! I still go to Ibiza once a year for a fun trip with my girlies, I have never actually been to the big clubs in Ibiza and honestly do not feel like I’m missing out – the entry is already overpriced and as I said before, I don’t really like to party all night long.

That’s why this party is my favourite place to go in Ibiza. Why? Because it’s a day party. You start at around 11 in the morning and day drink all day, ready to go to bed at 11pm (or for you hardcore party people you can of course carry on to a club).

I’m talking about Ocean Beach Ibiza.


It’s a fun place with a pool, DJ, bar, some live entertainment (and also football is always on in a corner so you football fans don’t miss out) and food. You can either book early and book a bed for a group of people (highly reccommend) or you can turn up on the day and hope that it isn’t sold out.

I reccommend getting a bed. You will probably be travelling to Ibiza with a group anyway and this way you actually have somewhere to lie around on and chill out on. You also get a big umbrella incase you need some shade throughout the day.

If you turn up at the door (I have never done this) entry will be more expensive and you can only sit by the bar or stand around. To me it just doesn’t sound as fun!

There are different types of packages you can get. There are VIP beds (either in the water or a little bit higher than everyone else), beds on a second floor balcony (sunset is apparently meant to be really nice from here however you are a bit further away from the pool and the action), or beds next to the pool (this is what we always book). You basically book the bed and with it get a budget of how much you spend on the day (we usually book with a group of 6 and then get about 70 or 80€ worth of money each to spend on food and drink). You can of course go over your budget but will have to pay the difference at the end. You are looking at over 100€ per person but this is a whole day party and as I said you then get a budget of what you can spend on the day.


This isn’t a cheap party (but then again, none of Ibiza is cheap) but it is so worth it. Cocktails are over 10€ per drink if I remember correctly so if you drink a lot and fast then your money will go quickly! There are jugs of cocktails but I reccommend getting glasses as they stay colder and you get more for your money.

You spend the day sunbathing, taking dips in the pool, drinking, socialising, dancing to the live DJ and every so often the dancers come out and do a litte show. If you do book a bed then you also have a very friendly staff member look after you the whole day, they make sure you always have a drink and make sure you are being well looked after.

It’s the perfect way to spend a day in Ibiza.


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